Sand Sage of West Plains Senior Living provides a wide range of senior living services for the Oklahoma City community. Our priority is accommodating each resident’s individual needs.

Independent Living

Sand Sage of West Plains Senior Living offers the active senior a carefree environment, free from the normal chores and burdens of owning or renting a home. You can remain independent yet enjoy the conveniences that make life easier and more pleasant.
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Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living program is designed to help you live a vibrant life by connecting with the people and campus around you. Assisted living at Sand Sage of West Plains Senior Living allows our residents to feel confident in their ability to enjoy life on their terms.
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Respite Care

Are you a caregiver looking for support for your loved one while you go on vacation? A senior recovering from a hospital visit, surgery or other health circumstance? Interested in a senior living trial period before making the decision to call Sand Sage of West Plains Senior Living your home? If any of those sound like you, our Respite Care program is for you.
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